Heavy Duty Soft Close Toilet Seat White Top Fixing Quick Release Luxury Bathroom


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Heavy Duty Soft Close Toilet Seat White Top Fixing Quick Release Luxury Bathroom


Freshen up your bathroom without spending a fortune by adding the simple and functional toilet seat to your decor. It will lighten up your room and complement most decor.

This toilet seat comes with a top fixing system. This fixing system is sometimes the only option when access for fitting is a problematic. The seat is in a white plastic. Has Top Fixing Assembly For Ease Of Installation – Particularly useful when access is unavailable to fix seat to pan ie enclosed btw pan or in particular awkward place to fix using the conventional bolt-up-type from underneath.

Made from Propylene Material

  • Made from heavy duty propylene plastic
  • Scratch resistant, ceramic feel ergonomic design
  • Never change colour with the time
  • WRAP OVER SEAT: This has a wrap-over lid so when closed it keeps a hygienic seat that is protected by the top lid

Dual Fixing (Never Loose)

  • Adjustable 360 degree hinges available for variety of toilet in sizes
  • Seat comes with a DUAL FIXING SYSTEM
  • Toilet seat will never become loose

Quick Release Mechanism

  • This toilet seat is designed for quick and easy removal when cleaning the toilet
  • To activate the quick release, press the button in the center of the hinges and lift

Noise Free Soft Closing

  • Soft closing action allows the seat to descent gently
  • Simply tap the seat and it lowers itself gently down onto the toilet pan, without any noise

* Make sure that the hinges are fixed firmly, because with the slop the soft close mechanism will not work.

Dual Fixing System

  • Included both Top Fixing and Bottom Fixing
  • Easy to install

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